WeRecycle Bundle – Large2


Simplify you recycling efforts with our WeRecycle Bundles. The 12″ Collection Tubes and 55 lb. capacity Battery Recycling Pail combine convenient battery collection with regulation-compliant battery storage and shipping.

Once your tabletop Collection Tube is full of batteries, simply empty them into the pail and ship. Includes:

  • Two 12″ tabletop collection tubes
  • UN approved 55 lb. capacity collection pail
  • Pre-paid shipping,
  • Pre-paid recycling
  • Confirmation of Reclamation (COR) Request Card to be completed by customers who wish to receive a free COR.

Continental U.S. use only. Not available in Alaska and Puerto Rico. 

Please contact our customer service team for special pricing on quantities of 50 or more.



Pail: 11.5″ w x 10.5″h

Tubes: 4.5″ w x 12″h


Pail: around 55 lb.

Tube: up to 11 lb.