iRecycle Kit DDR 35 – Comcast


The damaged lithium iRecycle Kit DDR 35 is a complete battery recycling kit for up to about 20lbs. (9.3kg) of damaged, defective or recalled (DDR) lithium-ion batteries. These batteries or devices look bloated or swollen. DDR batteries can be extremely dangerous and could even catch fire. Includes:

  • UN approved steel can
  • 7 large anti-static bags
  • Vermiculite
  • Shipping overpack box
  • Transportation (DOT) labels
  • Pre-paid round trip shipping
  • Pre-paid recycling

Continental U.S. use only. Not available in Alaska and Puerto Rico. 



This pail can hold approximately 20 lb. of damaged, defective, or recalled lithium batteries and electronics (cellphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc).

What does 20 lb. of battery material look like?

  • 660 cell phone batteries


11″ w x 13″ h