Community Collection

As batteries continue to become more and more integrated in our everyday life so does the number of batteries sitting in our homes, yard equipment and even garages. 

Do you have any old batteries in your house and are unsure of what to do with them? We have a Solution. You can drop off your old batteries at a Battery Solutions location to be recycled.    

Batteries contain valuable materials that can be broken down and reused to help produced a variety of things including fertilizer, planes, and even new batteries.  

Preparing your batteries for collection

  1. Round up all used batteries  
  2. Check for damage. If the battery is swollen, cracked, or recalled, place battery in a clear plastic bag surrounded by sand or kitty litter. Then visit Battery Solutions website and order a damaged battery recycling kit. Do no throw these batteries away. 
  3. Make sure to put household batteries in a clear plastic bag and tape the terminals (ends) before placing batteries in the recycling container. 
  4. Store batteries in a dry, cool location, making sure to avoid contact with metals. 
  5. Try to recycle your batteries every 12 months.

Drop-offs Accepted:

  • Any standard household battery that is a D size or smaller can be dropped off in our lobby, in a quart size or smaller bag for FREE.  
    • Electronic waste (e-waste) may also be dropped off and includes items such as cell phones, tablets, and other small electronic devices. 
  • The terminals of any lithium batteries must be tapped.  
  • Larger volumes should be recycled using an iRecycle Kit 
  • We accept up to two (2) scooter or e-bike batteries at drop off with no charge.  
  • If the full scooter or e-bike unit is to be dropped off with the battery in it, then there will be charge.  
  • Three (3) or more scooter or e-bike batteries will not be accepted at the front office for drop off.
    • Please call 800.852.8127 to schedule a drop-off appointment, costs will be associated with this drop off.  
  • Electric vehicle or industrial batteries require a scheduled drop off and are not accepted without an appointment and pre-payment.
  • Please call 800.852.8127 or email to make your appointment today.  
  • Damage battery? Damaged batteries should not be transported without proper packaging because they are dangerous and should be handled with extreme care. If thrown away these batteries can catch fire and endanger workers. Protect you and others by disposing of damaged batteries the right way. To purchase a kit for damaged batteries, visit here.  

Get directions to a Battery Solutions Drop-off location

Michigan Location

Arizona Location

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