Make Your Own Electromagnetic Motor!

An easy experiment to learn about batteries and magnetic fields.

Did you know magnetic fields can create motion? Make your own mini electromagnetic motor out of just three pieces!

Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this experiment, you will need:

  1. Battery (AA battery works best)
  2. Magnet (1 neodymium disc magnet)
  3. Copper Wire

Step 2: Magnetize Your Battery

Put the magnet at the bottom (negative end) of the battery.

Step 3: Make Wire Art

Bend the wire into a cool shape that will touch both the contact point of the battery and the magnet on the bottom. 

TIP: It is easier if you create a symmetrical shape with the wire. This will balance and spin! Hearts and spirals can be some of the best shapes.

Step Four: Balance Your Wire

Place the wire on the positive (top) contact point of the battery. Adjust your wire so it can also touch the magnet on the bottom and move freely.

TIP: Make sure your wire is constantly touching both the magnet at the bottom of the battery and the contact point at the top to create motion!

Why It Works:

When the copper wire touches the top of the battery and the magnet at the same time, it spins around. This creates a circuit, allowing electrons to flow. The magnet at the bottom of the battery creates a magnetic field, when the electrons and a magnetic field come in contact a force is created. This is what moves the wire and will continue to move as long as the copper wire touches the magnate and the top of the battery.

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